Fritz Geers Ultrasportler
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Fritz Geers Ultrasportler

If you have ever searched for the word ultracycling, the name Fritz Geers will not be unfamiliar to you. Then you've probably read that there are people who cycle thousands of kilometers nonstop. Fritz Geers is one of them - he achieved many sporting goals at a young age. Fritz was born, grew up and has been at home for many years in the Harz low mountain range in northern Germany. Here Fritz leads mountainbike tours on narrow paths, works on his racing bikes, there are boxes of equipment scattered throughout the house, Fritz trains, works on databases about his diet or offers events and lectures in an old barn in front of the house. At the age of 11 he ran his first marathon. At 17 he cycled over 500 kilometers non-stop, then a thousand kilometers and at the age of 22 he rode 4,711 kilometers in one go. Now that Fritz is slowly approaching 30, he is pursuing the goal of becoming faster: At the Race Across America he wants to improve his time of 10 days 21 hours and 09 minutes over the 5,000 kilometer distance (He is the youngest German finisher in racing history ). He looks at his life like a big puzzle and breaks it down into its individual parts, analyzes, optimizes and organizes it. You can immerse yourself in this surreal world by sharing the why, the years of preparation and the strategies for achieving the goals with Fritz. You can find out more about this on this page.

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Ultracycling is about covering thousands of kilometers almost non-stop on a racing bike. Many competitions have different rules, but basically there are races where support from a team is part of the race and races where you are on your own. Fritz mainly races with support. Your own team ensures that the number and duration of stops are reduced during the race. Distances of many hundreds of kilometers per day over 7 - 10 days are possible. The biggest challenge is dealing with the lack of sleep, which can trigger hallucinations, hallucinations or a loss of touch with reality. The team must be able to make vital decisions in such moments, all processes in the team must be well organized and in general everything must be geared towards one goal in order to race successfully. You can find out more about Fritz's greatest achievements such as the title of "European Ultracycling Champion", a German championship title in 24h solo mountain biking or his partners by visiting the linked pages.

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Who is Fritz Geers?

More about Fritz and his successes in ultracycling

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More about Fritz's partners and sponsors


Due to the extreme distances involved, ultra cycling races are often too long for live broadcasts on television or radio. The so-called dotwatching is intended to provide a remedy and has become established as a way to follow the races live. Dotwatching describes the observation of real-time data from race participants' GPS trackers on the Internet on a regularly updated map. This means you can observe the movement of the participants in an ultra cycling race for days. The fascinating question is who implements the best strategy. The movement of the GPS tracker makes it easy to identify the tactics used and observe who makes it to the finish line or experiences a break-in. You should try dotwatching yourself to understand the fascination behind it and to feel the difference between live and follow-up reporting. You can usually find the link to dotwatching a few days before the start of an ultra cycling race on the website of the respective organizer or find out about it via social media. On the linked pages you will find a list of media reports and feedback about Fritz.

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Guestbook from Fritz with feedback on tours and events


While most people prefer to spend time at parties in their youth, Fritz is producing a feature-length film about his love for mountain biking. He uploads shorter motivational ultracycling videos to YouTube about many ultra cycling races. You can get an idea of this by looking at a selection of them on the linked page. During longer races, the challenge arises of reviewing and editing the large number of recordings. A production suitable for cinema would therefore not only be very cost-intensive, but would also involve enormous effort. Fritz's team has not yet mastered this challenge successfully, but would like to answer the many unanswered questions about ultracycling in books. Photographer Julian Barth accompanies Fritz at the Race Across America in 2023 and is publishing the first of several books about Fritz. You can learn more about the book on the linked page, which feels like you're navigating through an ultra bike race yourself.

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Ultracycling videos

Films about ultracycling and ultracycling races in Europe

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Race Across America Book

Book by Julian Barth about Fritz's participation in RAAM 2023


Muesli for athletes

Breakfast is an important meal to start the day right. We start the day with this every day, usually with the same routine. Fritz therefore believes that breakfast should be a healthy and delicious meal that can be easily integrated into everyday life. Since 2017, he has been developing healthy muesli varieties for Audauer athletes under the Mueslay® brand and maintains large databases of muesli ingredients, as well as notes on their compatibility with sports. For testing, he puts the mixtures into different states in order to test them intensively in training and competition, to verify good tolerance or to measure the effect on performance. He uses the results to deduce recipes and further optimizes them. Together with Steffen (a good training colleague), Fritz mixes Mueslay® in his own production facility or has larger batches produced in a nearby mill. Another special thing about Mueslay® is the particularly sustainable packaging. You can find out more about it on the linked pages and shop Mueslay®.

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What is Mueslay® muesli?

About the development of healthy muesli varieties for athletes

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How Mueslay® muesli is packaged sustainably and plastic-free

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Recipes and tips for proper nutrition during sport

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Muesli from Fritz developed with numbers, data and facts

Mountainbike-Guiding Harz mountains

The Harz is the northernmost low mountain range in Germany. The Harz is known for many mystical stories that the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote about the Brocken. Around 580,000 people visit the 1,142 meter high mountain every year. To the west of the Brocken there is a huge network of mining tunnels, which are also connected above ground by a large number of narrow paths and forest paths. Fritz learns the stories of the old miners and their ways through his grandfather - his father (engineer) shows him the miners' technology, which can be seen above ground in many places. Fascinated by this, Fritz, after completing his training in the technical field, decides to put together the best trails in the Harz Mountains for guided mountainbike tours with friends. The constant goal is to combine the paths for each group individually to suit their abilities and wishes. You can book Fritz or fellow mountainbike guides by choosing from the linked options.

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The old barn in front of Fritz's home is over 100 years old. Harz miners used to live in the colorfully painted wooden house and kept pigs and chickens as well as their own vegetable garden. Together with family, friends and the team, the barn was restored, the framework was exposed, the ceiling and floor were renovated and a special place was created for events. Companies can invite customers or employees here and start a guided mountainbike tour with Fritz. Before and after the tour, you will experience Fritz speaking in a multimedia lecture about the team as the key to growth and development. Fritz believes that a team's success lies in clear goals and vision, effective communication and mutual trust. In ultracycling he regularly pushes the limits with his support team. You will find out how he and the team go through dry spells, how decisions are made in the team or conflicts are resolved while it comes to achieving the goal - not only in the lecture, but also on the tour, but everything in a safe environment! You can of course also book the lectures outside of an event in the barn or within a partnership. You can find out more by visiting the linked pages.

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Mountainbiking Harz mountains

On these pages you will find 36 routes (over 2,000 kilometers) for mountain biking in the Harz with different levels of difficulty, the most important information about mountain biking in the Harz and an overview of 12 good starting locations. You will find pictures, kilometer information, elevation profiles and descriptions for all routes. You can download the routes as GPX files onto a smartphone or bike computer and explore the Harz on your own.

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Insider Informations

36 Mountainbike routes with insider information, pictures and data

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Spots & Bikeparks

Bikeparks and spots for mountainbikers in the Harz


On these pages you can find out more about the German ultra cycling races Race Across Germany and Race Around Germany, in which Fritz has already taken part or will be taking part in 2024.

Ultracycling Race Across Germany

Race Across Germany

Ultra-long cycling race from Flensburg to Garmisch Partenkirchen

Ultracycling Race Around Germany

Race Around Germany

Ultra-long cycling race around Germany


Fritz answers many questions about ultracycling on the “What is ultracycling?” page. He also presents selected ultra cycling races. Race organizer Dieter Göpfert and Fritz will pass on expert knowledge from practice in a two-day ultracycling workshop if you are interested in trying ultracycling yourself or would like to improve yourself and are looking for an open exchange. You can find informations about the ultracycling workshop on the german version of this website.

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What is Ultracycling?

More about Race Across America, certifications and well-known races


For all inquiries about mountainbike tours and events, media, partnerships or more, please use the options presented on the “Contact” page. Feedback helps Fritz become better - he's happy to answer questions! Fritz answers many inquiries himself when he is not on the road. Written contact is therefore preferred. Please be patient sometimes if an answer may take a while.

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