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Mountainbike weekend/ holiday in the Harz

If you are looking for a multi-day mountain bike holiday in Germany, then Fritz Geers is the right place for you. Together with mountain biker friends, the extreme athlete Fritz Geers offers mountain bike weekends in the Harz Mountains on several dates a year. On guided tours over three days you will experience many good low mountain trails and exciting paths in the Upper Harz mining landscape, which is steeped in cultural history. At lunchtime, the tours include the opportunity to stop for a break - in the evening, stories from the day and about mountain biking can be exchanged in the MTB-friendly hotel. You can book your participation on fixed dates or request an individual date as a group.

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Mountain bike holiday in the Harz

In this multi-day mountain bike program in the Harz, the mountain bike guide and extreme athlete Fritz Geers, together with mountain biker friends, offers exciting guided tours with many good trails for mountain bikers on fixed dates from Germany and Denmark. The events take place on fixed dates. An individual appointment can be organized upon request if the group size is sufficient.

Starting point of the tours

The starting point of the tours is a hotel, located at the end of a narrow forest road in the middle of a network of hundreds of narrow paths. Tours with a length of 40 - 50 kilometers start from here every day (with many registrations with several guides). On the last day there is only a half-day tour in order to offer a comfortable return journey for mountain bikers from Denmark.


We go uphill at a "social" pace on wide paths to the next big junction or a good place to gather the group. Easy to moderately difficult trails lead downhill, where the focus is on fun and flow and no advanced driving skills are required. The tours are possible for anyone who is not mountain biking for the first time. This is not a training camp with interval units, but rather tours for the average mountain biker.


During the all-day tours, there is the opportunity to fortify yourself at lunchtime with a stop at a forest inn or restaurant. The hotel offers breakfast and dinner buffets, an indoor pool with sauna, bowling alley, fitness room or a large bar where stories can be exchanged until late into the night. Even on the tour, there are enough short breaks to offer the opportunity to eat a bar in between.


The weekend program is aimed at everyone who just wants to spend a carefree time on their mountain bike and is looking for exchange in a group. The BSW adventure hotel in Festenburg, the trails in the Harz and mountain bike guiding by local guides offer the best conditions for this. Individuals, smaller or large groups can register - everyone travels together on the tours.

The cycling tour and hotel stay in Harz with Fritz as a guide were an unforgettable experience that I highly recommend to other travelers. His knowledgeable leadership and passion for the region added an extra dimension to the tour, and combined with the hospitality and comfort I experienced at the hotel, made it a memorable adventure. I look forward to returning to Harz with Fritz as a guide to explore more of everything this beautiful region has to offer.

— Morten Poulsen
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Multi-day MTB program

The event takes place near Clausthal-Zellerfeld in the Harz Mountains (Germany). This part of the low mountain range is located in the south of Lower Saxony and is therefore particularly easy to reach from northern Germany and Denmark.


  • BSW adventure hotel (recommendation)
  • Clausthal-Zellerfeld/ Festenburg
  • MTB friendly
  • Alternatives possible

MTB guiding

  • 2 full-day tours (Fri. + Sat.)
  • 1 half-day tour (Sun)
  • Stop off on the tours
  • Local guides



  • Weather independent
  • From 18 years
  • MTB experience
  • Basic condition

Mountain bikes

  • Hardtail/full suspension (recommended)
  • E-bike possible, at adjusted speed
  • Bike rental possible nearby
  • Bike garage is available

Book individually

  • For closed groups
  • Please inquire individually
  • Prices on request
  • Booking by email
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The Harz for mountain bikers

The Harz is a low mountain range in northern Germany. The mountains not only offer special landscapes, but can also tell of a centuries-long mining history. With countless paths, diverse trails and picturesque views, the Harz makes every mountain biker's heart beat faster.

Upper Harz Plateau

The Upper Harz is the northwestern part of the Harz in Lower Saxony, which extends to over 700 meters in altitude and is drained by rivers such as the Söse, Innerste and Oker. There are a lot of paths here, which makes it so good for mountain biking.

World Heritage Site "Oberharzer Wasserregal"

The Upper Harz was home to the largest and oldest mining region for silver, copper, lead and zinc in Europe until the late 19th century. The Upper Harz Water Shelf is a system of ditches and ponds that was used to divert and store water in order to drive water wheels in the Upper Harz mining mines. The system is considered the world's most important pre-industrial water management system in mining and can be ridden in many places by mountain bike.

Mountain biking on the Brocken

The Hochharz and the associated Brocken massif (1,142 meters) are not far from the Upper Harz and can be easily reached on a day trip to the east. The summit of the Brocken itself offers a wide panorama, but is located in the middle of the Harz National Park, where the density of trails is very low. If you want to go up the Brocken, you can do a self-guided tour in one day.

Bike parks in the Harz

In the immediate vicinity of the hotel near Clausthal-Zellerfeld are the bike parks in Hahnenklee andschulenberg. Even with little suspension travel on the bike, some of the routes in the bike park in Hahnenklee are easy to ride. If you're looking for challenging bike park routes, you'll find what you're looking for in the bike park inschulenberg.


Due to the mountains, it rains more in the Harz than in the rest of Lower Saxony. Snow can be expected between November and April. The weather is often changeable in May and October. The most beautiful time of the year is in the summer months, when the many ponds and lakes invite you to swim.

Hallo Fritz, Super gute Reise, schönes Hotel (auch gutes Essen :)), Fritz hat ein wirklich gutes Gespür für die Routen rund um den Wald. Wunderschöne Natur, die wir in Dänemark nicht oft finden. Kann Ausflüge mit wärmstens empfehlen

— Casper Tygesen
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Adventure hotel for mountain bikers

The BSW adventure hotel in Festenburg in the Harz is the ideal starting point for activities such as mountain biking, hiking, winter sports or family holidays. The hotel offers a restaurant, an indoor pool, a sauna, a fitness room, a bowling alley or many activities for children without being in the high-price segment. On the weekends, the large hotel is often a very busy place, even if it is in the middle of the forest.

Panorama Restaurant

In the restaurant with a large glass front and a view of the forest, there is a breakfast buffet every day and a generous evening buffet with a variety of dishes. The wide space encourages exchange at the many tables.

Wellness area

The hotel's own wellness area invites you to visit the sauna or cool off in the indoor pool after the tours. There are loungers inside and outside to relax. The nearest lake for swimming is not far away.

Bahnstübchen Bar

On summer days, the terrace invites you to linger. The "Bahnstübchen" bar always opens in the evenings and is a place of community where new acquaintances can be made or stories about the day and mountain biking can be exchanged.

Family-friendly hotel

Many families spend a weekend holiday in the Harz at the hotel: the hotel is perfect with an adventure playground, soccer field, mini golf course and the many possible activities in the area for a little family vacation.

Bicycle garage & bike wash

Lockable bike garages with the most necessary tools are provided as a safe place for mountain bikes, while the bikewash station offers a practical way to clean the bikes after the tour.


If you are planning a multi-day mountain bike holiday in the Harz as a group, but the BSW adventure hotel in Festenburg is already fully booked, you can also suggest an alternative hotel or ask for recommendations.

We had at great trip! Our guide (fritz) knew all the great trails and tracks throughout the Harz. Fritz and his team created a fun and cozy atmosphere taking us places we would never find ourselves. The BSW-Erlebnishotel was a great choice for our group of riders, with cozy rooms, a great restaurant and fine storeage for our bikes.

— Kenneth Bjerg
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Mountainbike Guide Fritz Geers
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More mountain bike guides
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MTB guiding by Fritz Geers

Since his youth, Fritz has been offering guided tours on the best trails in the Harz and putting together individual routes with mountain biker friends. The constant goal is to combine the best routes into good tours. Fritz is not only a professional mountain bike guide, but also successful in the extreme cycling sport “ultracycling”. This is always a topic on the tours.

Tours & start time

The guided tours start daily at 10:00 a.m. and end in the late afternoon. There will be an opportunity to stop for lunch at lunchtime. The tour on the last day ends in the early afternoon to ensure a relaxed journey home.


The routes include many easy and moderate trails in the area. Fritz warns of dangerous places, helps with tips and is available to help if there are minor problems with the bike that need to be solved.

Different levels

With many registrations, various tours with different levels of difficulty and additional guides are offered. The slowest participant always sets the pace in the group.

Who is Fritz Geers?

Many people know Fritz as a mountain bike guide, others from the Internet or from lectures about his extreme bike projects. Fritz regularly takes part in ultra-long cycling races such as the Race Across America.

More Guides

Friendly mountain bike guides from the Harz region form a team with Fritz for many registrations or replace him as a guide. All guides come from the immediate area and have years of experience.

Es waren 3 tolle Tage mit Fritz im Harz, da hat alles gepasst. Organisation, Unterkunft, Streckenführung, Techniktraining. Empfehlenswert. Danke Dir

— Eddy Bruck
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Booking & Reservation

To book, please use the booking system on the page linked below. You can select events on different dates and book individual or multiple participation places. You can book the overnight stay separately through the hotel and can coordinate details with the hotel.

Open questions and answers

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us. You can find a lot of information about the offers on the website, but you can also contact us personally before booking if you are not sure whether an offer is right for you. Fritz or a mountain bike guide friend will be happy to answer most questions personally!

Individual offers

For larger groups it is possible to organize your own appointment and adapt the event individually. Please state possible dates in your request and briefly describe what your ideas are. You can also find information about other similar offers on the other pages of this website. Unfortunately, requests without details cannot be responded to due to time constraints.

Other services