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Trans-Harz Mountainbike Trail Stage Tour

If you are looking for a multi-day mountain bike tour in Germany, then Fritz Geers is the right place for you. Fritz Geers is known as a German extreme cyclist and mountain bike guide. He was born, grew up and has been at home for many years in the Harz low mountain range in northern Germany. On a three-day, multi-day tour with luggage transfer, you can get to know Fritz and his stories about ultra-long bike races and experience the best routes in the Harz with him. Before or during the tour, you discuss your wishes with Fritz and he adapts the routes of the stages individually to your abilities. The stages include the possibility of a stop and are planned in such a way that route options are possible for beginners or experienced mountain bikers. You can request the program as a group or request further information by email.

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Mountainbike Harz-Cross

On this multi-day mountain bike tour, you will cross the Harz Mountains in several stages on varied paths with mountain bike guide and extreme athlete Fritz Geers. The tours take you over historical mining trails in the Upper Harz towards the North Harz, Hochharz and over the highest mountain in the Harz - the 1,142 meter high Brocken. You will receive lots of tips from Fritz and learn what is important on longer tours. Every day you experience new landscapes, overcome new challenges and enjoy many varied runs.

Stay overnight in your favorite hotel

The start and finish locations of the stages are the busier towns in the Harz, which offer a wide range of accommodation options and hotels. In the program you will receive a list of hotel recommendations for each day and can decide for yourself where you would like to book your overnight stay. In the evening, each stage location offers various options for eating out in restaurants, bars or cafés.

Individual routes

Each stage is individually customizable and offers many options to adjust the difficulty by selecting other paths or the length using loops and shortcuts. Fritz will repeatedly ask you how you liked the journey so far. Fritz then adapts the route along the way to suit your abilities and wishes. On the last day it is possible to end the tour late at noon to ensure an early departure for the return journey.

Luggage transfer

You have the option of booking the program with luggage transfer so that you can start with light luggage and still travel in fresh clothes every day. The tours start every day at 9:30 a.m. and end a little earlier or a little later in the afternoon, depending on the route and arrangement. You can leave your luggage at the starting point in the morning and it will be taken to your destination.

Stop in

During the all-day tours, there is the opportunity to fortify yourself at lunchtime with a stop at a forest inn or restaurant. In principle, as many breaks as necessary can be incorporated into the tours. With basic mountain bike experience and the fitness of an average mountain biker (approx. 800 meters of altitude per day), the 3-day tour is easily doable. Making the route more difficult is of course also possible.

We had a three day mountain bike tour with Fritz in end July 2019 and it was truly amazing! Fritz is by far the best mountain bike guide we have ever had. He planned the tours so they matched our skills perfectly and took us on a lot of different tracks both in the forest and in the bike parks. Fritz also knows a lot about the history of the area, he is a very kind guy and I don’t think we’ve ever met a person in better shape than Fritz. We will definitely recommend Fritz to everyone going mountain biking in Harz!

— Malene and Casper
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3 day MTB tour

The 3-day tour starts and ends in Clausthal-Zellerfeld/Harz (Germany). This part of the low mountain range is located in the south of Lower Saxony and is therefore particularly easy to reach from northern Germany and Denmark.

MTB guiding

  • 2 full-day tours (Fri. + Sat.)
  • 1 tour on Sunday (length open)
  • Individualized routes
  • Fritz Geers as guide


  • Availability on request
  • Date freely selectable
  • Weekend (Thurs./Fri. - Sun.)
  • Possible during the week

Stages & locations

  • Luggage transfer can be booked
  • Accommodation freely selectable
  • Refreshments on tour
  • Busier cities in the Harz region


  • Weather independent
  • From 18 years
  • MTB experience
  • Basic condition

Mountain bikes

  • Hardtail/full suspension (recommended)
  • E-bike possible, at adjusted speed
  • Bike rental possible nearby
  • Gravel bike unsuitable


  • As a closed group
  • In an open group (1x/year)
  • Prices on request
  • Booking by email
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With the MTB over the Brocken

At 1,142 meters high, the Brocken is the highest mountain in northern Germany. Every year around 580,000 people visit the highest mountain in the Harz, which lies exactly on the former inner-German border between East and West Germany. The highlight of the multi-day tour is the long climb up the Brocken. Here you will not only find out about the many meters in altitude, but also tips from Fritz on how he mentally and physically manages long and difficult passages in the ultra bike race. At the top you will be rewarded with a wide view over the Harz foothills and the other mountains of the Harz (if the weather is good). But the Brocken is not the only reason to book the multi-day tour.

Upper Harz Plateau

In the Upper Harz there are particularly many paths and the Upper Harz water shelf, a system of ditches and ponds that was used to divert and store water for water wheels in the mines of the Upper Harz mining industry. The system is considered to be the world's most important pre-industrial water management system in mining and is of course part of the three-day Trans-Harz Tour.

Northern Harz

In the northern Harz lies the imperial city of Goslar, which is part of the stage tour with its historic old town with many half-timbered houses. On the way to Goslar you and Fritz will experience many flowing trails away from the hustle and bustle of tourists along the large reservoirs in the Harz. If necessary, there is also time here to improve your riding technique and listen to exciting stories from ultra cycling races such as the Race Across America.

Higher Harz mountains

The Hochharz and the associated Brocken massif offer challenging paths and climbs like in the Alps, and the Harz National Park also offers a special landscape with untouched nature. You will spend at least one day in the Hochharz during the multi-day tour and can choose between tricky enduro trails or long descents on single trails.


The best time of the year in the Harz is in the summer months because there is the lowest chance of rain and snow. Due to the altitude, it generally rains more in the Harz than in the rest of Lower Saxony. Snow can be expected between November and April. The weather is often changeable in May and October. However, the summer months offer a relatively stable weather situation with dry weather.

Supporting program

If the multi-day tour isn't enough for you, then you will find many bike parks and other opportunities to ride a mountain bike in the Harz. You can also request a short tour to warm up and get to know each other the day before the 3-day tour around the many ponds and lakes in Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

I had the pleasure of having Fritz as a guide for 3 days in the mountains of Harzen. No doubt that Frits is born in the heart of Harzen! He knows every inch of the forests and mountains that forms this beautifull area for MTB adventures. Since I was training for a race in the Alpes a few month later, I asked Fritz for trails with a lot of HM (hight meters) and steep uphill rides. I got it! In Harzen you can find the most nasty uphill trails, but you need to know where they are. Fritz certainly did! If you are into difficult downhill trails, or easy flow rides, I'm sure Fritz can arrange whatever type of ride you like! Beside his knowledge of almost every trail worth riding, he also knows where the beatifull views are located. During the rides he is very happy to share his knowledge about the history of the areas you are passing. The next time I will travel to Harzen for a MTB holiday or weekend, Fritz is the first person I will contact for a guiding tour!! I highly recommend Fritz as a guide in Harzen!

— Jakob
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Mountain bike guide Fritz Geers

Fritz Geers was born, grew up and lives in the Harz Mountains. As a child, he learned about the stories of the old miners and their paths in the Harz through his grandfather - his father (engineer) showed him the technology of the Harz miners, which can be seen above ground in many places. With an old paper map, Fritz gradually discovered the many paths in the Harz during his school days, while at the weekend he competed in mountain bike races all over Europe for the successful North Harz racing team. Fritz devotes most of his life to cycling. In 2016 he became German champion in 24-hour solo mountain biking, has been offering guided mountain bike tours in the Harz for many years and takes part in extreme bike races across entire continents.

Mountain bike guiding

Fritz completed several training courses and courses lasting several weeks to become an MTB guide in Germany, Italy and Great Britain. Since 2019 he has been offering guided mountain bike tours in the Harz as a professional mountain bike guide. Here he not only knows most of the routes, but also aims to combine the routes in such a way that a good flow with a lot of driving fun is created during the tour. Of course, you can rely on Fritz to warn you about dangerous places, to help you with tips and to support you if there are minor problems with the bike that need to be solved.

Extreme sports

At the age of 11, Fritz ran his first marathon. At 17 he cycled over 500 kilometers non-stop, then a thousand kilometers and at the age of 22 he rode 4,711 kilometers in one go. Now that Fritz is slowly approaching 30, he is pursuing the goal of becoming faster: At the Race Across America he wants to improve his time of 10 days 21 hours and 09 minutes over the 5,000 kilometer distance (He is the youngest German finisher in racing history ). You can find out more about Fritz's career as an extreme athlete on the other pages of this website.

Multi-day tours

On his first multi-day mountain bike tour in the Harz a few years ago, Fritz organized the luggage transfer himself, incorporating a training session in the morning before the tour, using a car to travel to the destination with luggage and return by bike to the group at the starting location. Over the years, Fritz has not only improved this point, but has also developed many other details of the multi-day mountain bike tours in the Harz in order to create an ever better experience, which is always personal and familiar. Fritz is always open to feedback.

Further expertise

During the tour you can not only learn a lot about the Harz from Fritz, but also learn something about nutrition on long tours, mental strategies or the basics of driving technique. Fritz is also there for you if you would like to rent a mountain bike for the tour, need a tip for a restaurant in the evening or if you are looking for a shower for yourself or your bike on the last day before departure.

Das war eine grandiose Opa-Enkel-Tour. Fritz hat uns sehr einfühlsam am ersten Tag die Grundlagen des MTB-fahrens beigebracht und ist dann 2 Tage lang sehr tolle Strecken mit uns gefahren. Er kennt sich exzellent im Harz aus und ist sehr individuell auf unsere Wünsche und Fähigkeiten eingegangen. Traumhafte Up- und downhill-Strecken, die ich alleine (mit Karte oder Navi) nie gefunden hätte. Das war jeden Cent des Honorars wert. Ich bin sicher, wir kommen wieder!! Danke Fritz

— Thomas Seemann
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Inquiry & Booking

To make your inquiry, please use the options linked on the Contact page. You will receive a PDF from Fritz with the complete program for the multi-day stage tour with all further information and you are welcome to discuss any questions and requests personally with Fritz.


Please note that the multi-day tour with Fritz can currently only be booked as a group. Please state possible dates in your request and briefly describe what your wishes are. Unfortunately, Fritz cannot respond to inquiries without details due to time constraints.


Once a year you have the opportunity to register as an individual for a multi-day stage tour with other individuals. To be part of this group, please write an email in which you briefly explain your ideas. You will receive further information at times.

Other services