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Guided Mountainbike Tours (Harz Mountains)

If you are looking for a guided mountain bike tour in the Harz, then Fritz Geers is the right place for you. Together with mountain biker friends, Fritz passionately puts together the best routes in the Harz for adventurous mountain bike tours and has been offering professionally guided MTB tours in the Harz since 2019. The Upper Harz offers a diverse network of paths with a large number of trails, refreshment stops and exciting paths. During the tours you will learn more about historical mining in the Harz, get to know little-known paths and places or venture into challenging terrain with the guide. You can book Fritz or a friend of your mountain bike guides from the Harz region online for your desired date and individualize the date when booking.

Mountain biking in the Harz

The Harz is known through the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who climbed the highest peak in the Harz several times during his extensive trips to the Harz. When he first climbed on December 10, 1777, the Brocken, with its idiosyncratic climate, was still completely undeveloped for tourism and the journey to the legendary summit was a daring adventure.

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Mountain bike day tours

On a guided mountain bike tour, Fritz or a mountain bike guide friend will show you as many trails and exciting paths in the Harz as possible within one day. He will communicate with you during the tour to get feedback and adjust the route along the way. You can concentrate fully on mountain biking while the guide adapts the route to your wishes, abilities and stamina, finds a place to stop for a break or tells you something about the surrounding area. It is recommended to book an MTB guide if you are looking for a professional companion for a mountain bike tour or are planning a trip with friends or your mountain bike club.

Starting location

Before the tour, agree with the guide on an individual starting point in Clausthal-Zellerfeld or the surrounding towns of Hahnenklee, Altenau, Goslar orschulenberg. The tour can start directly from your accommodation or from a bike rental shop. If you are not sure or are just coming to the Harz for the tour, the guide can recommend a starting location.


Unless otherwise agreed in advance, the tour begins at 10:00 a.m. The tour starts on easy paths and the guide gets an idea of the participants. He knows the network of paths and adapts the route over the course of the tour so that the paths are neither too easy nor too difficult. Each tour is therefore individual. It then lasts as long as fun, fitness and weather allow. Most tours last until late afternoon.

Stop in

After about two thirds of the route, on most tours there is the option of stopping at a forest inn or restaurant, or alternatively for a longer break in the forest . There are also many short breaks during the tour, during which the guide can tell you something about the landscape, teach you driving techniques or show you places with beautiful views.


In principle, no years of mountain biking experience or advanced riding skills are required to take part in a guided day tour. The pace, route and difficulty can be adjusted along the way. In most cases, a mountain bike guide is booked as a professional companion, for a trip with friends or for excursions by mountain bike clubs.


Tours with groups consisting of more experienced and inexperienced participants with different levels of fitness are a special challenge for the guide: In this case, you can book a guide for a sporty bachelor party without hesitation - if it However, it is about your image as a company and you would like to invite customers or employees, then it makes sense to plan and carry out a professionally planned event. You can find out more about this on the linked page.

Hi Wir sind 3 Mountainbiker aus Dänemark. Heute hatten wir Fritz als Guide gebucht. Vorher hatten wir unsere Wünsche für die Tour über EMail geklärt. Fritz hat uns Heute alle unsere Wünsche für eine coole Tour um Hahnenklee erfüllt. Um die 50 km und 900 Höhenmeter, viele gute Aussichtsspots, flowige Trails , gute Laune, Harzer Geschichte und Tips und Tricks rund ums Bike und das Biken. Wir sind sehr zufrieden und werden Fritz auf jedenfall weiterempfehlen. Bedre grüsse aus Dänemark

— Frank, Lennart und Thomas
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Full day MTB tour

Day tours start at an individually agreed starting point in Clausthal-Zellerfeld/Harz (Germany) or in a surrounding town (Hahnenklee, Altenau, Goslar orschulenberg). You can also arrange for the tour to start directly at a bike rental shop.

MTB guiding

  • Start 10:00 a.m./end open
  • Individualized route
  • Individual starting point
  • Local guides
  • German or english


  • Bookable directly: Thursday - Sunday
  • On request: Monday - Wednesday
  • Several days in a row possible
  • Season: April - October
  • Appointment overview


  • Adapted clothing
  • Weather independent
  • Basic condition
  • From 18 years

Mountain bikes

  • Hardtail/full suspension (recommended)
  • E-bike possible (please book as an e-bike tour)
  • Start possible directly at the bike rental shop
  • Gravel bike possible (on request)


  • Tour as a gift
  • Tour especially for e-bikers
  • Tour with driving technique (course)
  • Difficult enduro tour


Yesterday I was on my first mtb-tour in die harzener berge. And Fritz was an exellent guide. Experient and knowing every corner of the mountains we drove in and with a good sense of my capabilities - and lack of capabilities too.... :-)
A toru with great fun, challenge, fantastic views and with the confidence a good guide just gives you from start to end. Hopefully it is not the last time, I have driven the Harz by mtb with Fritz Geers.

Henning Haahr Pedersen

— Henning Haahr Pedersen
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Mountain bike trail network in the Harz

The mountainous landscape in the Harz consists, in addition to mountain meadows, mountain towns and the national park, of large forest areas, which in recent years have suffered greatly from the consequences of long periods of heat and drought suffered from storms and bark beetles. Since much of the forest died around 2020, the soil has slowly recovered and new forest has emerged in many places. The wind blows over the large open mountain areas, through which paths and trails meander with a wide panorama. Streams, rivers and waterfalls rush through the deep valleys, transporting the water into the many ditches, ponds and reservoirs.

World Heritage Site "Oberharzer Wasserregal"

The Upper Harz water shelf is a system of ditches and ponds that was mainly used to divert and store water from the 16th to the 19th century. The water was used to drive water wheels, which supplied the mines in the Upper Harz with energy. The system is considered the world's most significant pre-industrial mining water management system and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. The Grabenwege are often part of mountain bike tours.

Brocken and National Park

The longest climbs in the Harz can be found on the Brocken, which at 1,142 meters is the highest mountain in the Harz. The summit is in the middle of the Harz National Park. Deer, wild boars, woodpeckers and lynxes, among others, live in this nature reserve, which covers an area of 247 km². There are not as many trails in the national park area as in the Upper Harz and most of the trails are too demanding for the average mountain biker, and there are also trails that are closed to mountain bikers. The best way to explore the Harz National Park is on a multi-day tour experience. For a day tour with varied paths, it is recommended to start in the Upper Harz.

Reservoirs and dams

In the Upper Harz, in addition to other dams in the Harz with the Söse, Innerste, Grane and Oker dams, there are an above-average number of large dams that are used to generate electricity, produce drinking water and Flood protection was built. While you don't gain much in altitude on the paths around the dams, in the mountains of the low mountain range you can quickly reach over 1,000 meters in altitude on a 50 kilometer tour. Most guided tours end with an altitude difference of 600 to 900 meters.

Single trails and Enduro

Away from the forest roads, there are many single trails in the Harz that will make every mountain biker's heart beat faster. Many paths make even inexperienced mountain bikers smile, while there are also trails through difficult rooty or rocky terrain, narrow paths can be found along mountain slopes or tricky passages can be challenging in places. In the Harz, everything is possible from the very simple to biking at the limit of the extreme.

Driving flow and flow

On a guided mountain bike tour, the guide will show you as many single trails and exciting paths in the Harz as possible. The guide's goal is to combine the paths in such a way that a nice flow is created during the tour. In the Alps you can crank uphill for hours to enjoy a descent - on a tour in the Harz you can experience several varied descents in one day and reach the highest point of a mountain comparatively quickly.

Gestern hatten wir eine sehr interessante, abwechslungsreiche und unterhaltsame Tour mit Fritz und Martin, Fritz Geers Guiding ist uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen. Wir fuhren tolle Trails die Fritz mit Sachverstand ausgewählt und mit Wissen über seine Heimat zu einem tollen Erlebnis aufbereitet. Wir erfuhren den Westharz um Clausthal-Zellerfeld bis Bad Grund, die Tour war gewürzt mit tollen Panoramen und vielen Tips rund um Fahrtechnik auf dem Mountainbike. Vielen Dank noch einmal auf diesem Wege.

— Jörg Stäudle
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Mountain bike guiding

Especially if you are looking for a professional companion for a mountain bike tour or are planning a trip with friends or your mountain bike club, it makes sense to have an experienced mountain bike guide to book a successful mountain bike tour. The MTB guide ensures that the tour is a great experience and will be remembered fondly. This is guaranteed, among other things, by the fact that the guide knows the network of paths and the current condition of the paths, can adapt the route to your fitness and driving technique level and can warn you of difficult passages or dangers. In the event of a defect, the guide will be there to support you with tools and screwdriver skills. You don't have to worry about where to stop or miss any junctions.

Singletrail guarantee

If you book a mountain bike guide, the tour is guaranteed to contain many trails and interesting paths. The guide will take you directly to lesser-known places and along paths that you might never find on your own. He selects the routes according to your wishes and ideas and leads you along trails that suit your driving skills and are feasible for you. You always book this as a matter of course. You can also customize the tour by adding additional options.

Technology training

With a mountain bike guide you have a competent companion who is familiar with the basics of mountain bike riding technique. If necessary, you can approach the guide at key points and get tips to help you improve your driving technique. During booking you can book the “driving technique course” option. In principle, you do not have to book this option to receive tips on driving technique during the tour, but you can book this option (free of charge) if you would like to specifically work on your driving technique. The guide then designs the tour like a driving technique course right from the start.


On mountain bikes with motor support, climbs are not as challenging as on a mountain bike without a motor. When descending, most e-mountain bikes have different handling characteristics than conventional mountain bikes. You can therefore book any tour as an e-bike tour by booking the "E-Bike Tour" option during booking. The MTB guide will then lead the tour on an e-mountain bike and select the routes accordingly.


For some mountain bikers, the appeal of biking lies in the ability to navigate technically demanding terrain with high drops, hairpin bends or blocked, steep or rocky terrain. Narrow paths along mountain slopes and tricky passages require safe handling of the mountain bike and represent particularly high technical demands. If you are exactly looking for a tour like this, then the “Difficult Enduro Tour” option is right for you .

Bike park

In the bike park you can learn mountain bike riding techniques particularly well for advanced riders. During a "bike park training" you will learn how to ride high roots, steps, curves, berms, hairpin bends (with moving the rear wheel), jumps, drops, heels and ride on steep gradients with the correct riding technique. If a mountain bike guide with appropriate experience is available, you can book an intensive bike park training by booking an appointment for a guided mountain bike tour and adding the "Bike park intensive training" option (if available) during the booking.

Wir hatten eine richtig schöne Mountainbike-Tour mit Fritz im Harz! Wir waren eine Gruppe von 10 Jungs mit ganz unterschiedlichen Vorkenntnissen, was wirklich nicht einfach ist für einen Guide. Aber Fritz hat es geschafft, dass am Ende des Tages jeder zufrieden war! Er ist super individuell auf unsere Wünsche eingegangen (Techniktraining, etc.) und er ist ein sehr sympathischer Typ! Wenn es sich anbietet werden wir wieder eine Tour bei ihm machen! Sehr zu empfehlen!

— Oliver Mizera
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Give a mountain bike tour as a gift

A day tour with a mountain bike guide is a special gift for someone who enjoys being active in nature and is open to sporting challenges. You can give this experience as a gift for a special occasion by booking a mountain bike guide and ordering a voucher. The recipient will find a link on the voucher where they can find further information about their gift and contact the guide to coordinate details about the tour. It doesn't matter whether the recipient goes on the day tour alone with the guide or brings other friends with them.


The voucher burned into a piece of wood is ideal for giving away a day tour as a special experience. You can reserve an appointment when booking (online) and order the voucher with the “Give a tour as a gift” option. You will receive the voucher by post within a few days. If you don't want to order the voucher to your own address (so that the recipient doesn't notice), you can enter a different delivery address in the booking process.

Bike rental

You will also find further information about bike rental in the booking process: It is possible to organize bike rental through partners. The MTB guide supports the recipient in the preparation with recommendations and local contacts and it is possible to start the tour directly at a bike rental shop.

Driving technique

The recipient of the voucher has the opportunity during the day tour to get tips from the guide on basic mountain bike riding techniques or to learn riding techniques. If the "driving technique training" option is available during booking, you can add it - like all other options - to personalize the tour.

Vor unserer Anreise haben wir telefoniert und unser Interesse (Entfernung, Höhenmeter und Art der Strecke) angegeben. Fritz hat uns an unserer Unterkunft in Buntebock abgeholt. Nach einem kurzen Bikecheck haben wir die Tour gestartet. Die Erwartungen wurden voll erfüllt. Fritz können wir als Guide ohne Bedenken weiter empfehlen.

— Andre, Sven, Sören und Christian
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Booking & Reservation

To book, please use the booking system on the page linked below. You can select an appointment during booking, customize it by adding options and then reserve one or more appointments.

Open questions and answers

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us. You can find a lot of information about the offers on the website, but you can also contact us personally before booking if you are not sure whether an offer is right for you. Fritz or a mountain bike guide friend will be happy to answer most questions personally!

Individual offers

We would be happy to create an individual offer for larger groups, events and multi-day tours. Please state possible dates in your request and briefly describe what your ideas are. You can find further information about many offers on the other pages of this website. Unfortunately, requests without details cannot be responded to due to time constraints.

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