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Mountainbiking in the Harz: Tours & insider informations

If you are looking for information about mountainbiking in the Harz, then this page will be helpful to you. In addition to insider information about mountainbiking in the Harz, on this page you will find 36 tour suggestions (over 2000 kilometers) with pictures, elevation profiles and GPS data. You can follow all tours for free and choose from different starting locations and levels. The information was compiled by extreme athlete Fritz Geers, who was born and raised in the Harz Mountains and has been at home for many years. You can also book guided tours with Fritz Geers or fellow mountainbikers. You can find all of this on this website.

Mountainbike tours in the Hochharz

Brocken Mountainbike Route Harz
⬌ 99 km ▲ 2608 hm

Tough Brocken MTB-route

Demanding mountainbike route over the two highest mountains in the Harz mountains - Brocken (1,142m) and Wurmberg (971m)

Mountainbiking Braunlage Harz GPS Route
⬌ 32 km ▲ 537 hm

Odertal warmup route

Easy Hochharz mountainbike tour starting in Braunlage with beautiful scenery of the Oderteich and views to the Oder valley near Braunlage

Braunlage MTB Route GPS
⬌ 43 km ▲ 832 hm

Little Hochharz mountainbike route

Moderate mountainbike tour through the Nationalpark Harz starting in Braunlage along beautiful paths at the Oberharzer Wasserregal

Mountainbike Brocken Route Harz
⬌ 94 km ▲ 2050 hm

Long downhill from Brocken across the Harz

Mountainbike route starting in Braunlage, including long downhill from Brocken into the Oberharz and a varied panorama of the Harz mountains

Dammgraben MTB Tour Harz
⬌ 47 km ▲ 823 hm

Sperbehaier dam route

Mountainbike tour with a start in Torfhaus, a long descent and insights into the UNESCO world heritage Oberharzer Wasserregal

Hirtenstieg Brocken Eckertalsperre Tour
⬌ 65 km ▲ 1707 hm

Hirtenstieg dam route

This demanding mountainbike route leads with an 846 meter ascent directly from Bad Harzburg to the 1,142 meter high Brocken

Mountainbike Route Clausthal-Zellerfeld
⬌ 50 km ▲ 927 hm

To Torfhaus and back

Mountainbike route from Clausthal-Zellerfeld to the Hochharz and back via various paths at the UNESCO World Heritage Oberharzer Wasserregal

Mountainbike Harz Altenau GPS Route
⬌ 98 km ▲ 2690 hm

2000 meters ascent mountainbike tour

Demanding mountainbike route starting in Altenau with lakes, waterfalls, cliffs, Wurmberg mountain and valleys of the Nationalpark Harz

Mountainbike Brocken GPS
⬌ 48 km ▲ 1180 hm

With the Mountainbike on the Brocken

Mountainbike tour starting in Altenau on the Brocken along reservoirs, quarries, waterfalls and through the Nationalpark Harz

GPS Harz Mountainbiking Route Torfhaus
⬌ 36 km ▲ 580 hm

Hochharzer mining-canal route

Beautiful mountainbike tour through the Nationalpark Harz with insights into the characteristic mountain landscape around Torfhaus

Mountainbike tours in the Oberharz

Mountainbiking Clausthal-Zellerfeld Harz
⬌ 77 km ▲ 1688 hm

Big Clausthal-Zellerfeld lap

Mountainbike tour starting in Clausthal-Zellerfeld along the mountains of the Oberharz and beautiful water reservoirs

GPS Clausthal-Zellerfeld Mountainbike Tour
⬌ 32 km ▲ 564 hm

Two valley cycling-tour

Mountainbike tour with start in Clausthal-Zellerfeld along several lakes, the Oberharzer Wasserregal and a waterfall

GPS Track Mountainbike Harz Route
⬌ 100 km ▲ 2168 hm

MTB 100 kilometer route

Physically demanding mountainbike tour from Osterode am Harz to the Hochharz and back over the Oberharz and the Harz-foreland

Harzcross Mountainbike Route GPS
⬌ 99 km ▲ 2440 hm

South-north mountainbike Harz-cross

Physically demanding mountainbike crossing of the Harz mountains with steep climbs, fast descents and plenty of vertical metres

Wildemann Bergbau Mountainbike Unter Tage Harz
⬌ 31 km ▲ 542 hm

Nine dam tour

Mountainbike tour in the Oberharz starting in Wildemann along many lakes and canals of the UNESCO World Heritage Oberharzer Wasserregal

Mountainbike GPS Route Hahnenklee
⬌ 33 km ▲ 527 hm

Easy lap around the Grumbachvalley

Easy mountainbike tour starting in Hahnenklee, including many ponds of the world heritage Oberharzer Wasserregal and easy climbs

Schulenberg MTB Sport
⬌ 32 km ▲ 588 hm

Schulenberg MTB summer route

Easy mountainbike tour through the nice landscape of the Oberharz and around the Oker dam near Schulenberg

Lautenthal Innerstetal MTB
⬌ 34 km ▲ 533 hm

One Climb Only Tour

Easy mountainbike route along the Innerste dam, to the Altar cliffs on the edge of the Harz and through valleys in the nice Oberharz

MTB Wildemann Harz Route
⬌ 99 km ▲ 2728 hm

Steep climbs Harz route

Demanding mountainbike tour through large parts of the beautiful Oberharz and the scenic Hochharz, starting in Wildemann

Oberharz Mountainbike Route
⬌ 46 km ▲ 927 hm

Little Oberharz route

Mountainbike route starting in Schulenberg with many ponds of the Oberharzer Wasserregal and lookout tower

Sieben Teiche Altenau Clausthal Mountainbike Harz
⬌ 30 km ▲ 535 hm

Seven dam tour

Beautiful mountainbike route starting in Altenau along historical places in the Oberharz, scenic mountain meadows and seven lakes

Mountainbike tours in the northern Harz

Altarklippen MTB Tour Kaiserstadt Goslar
⬌ 38 km ▲ 696 hm

Altarklippen route

Easy mountainbike route with views to the old town of Goslar and the nearby Altarklippe on a mountain near Goslar

Goslar Harz Uphill Bike Fun
⬌ 64 km ▲ 1428 hm

Goslar uphill fun

Medium-difficulty mountainbike route from Goslar into the Oberharz, through the Innerstetal and along dams back to the city of Goslar

Mountainbike Tour Nordharz
⬌ 47 km ▲ 1165 hm

Nordharz lap

Mountainbike tour starting in Bad Harzburg with a steep ascent through the Gosetal and a long descent with a view to the Harz foreland

Granetalsperre Goslar Fahrrad Tour
⬌ 26 km ▲ 448 hm

Around the Granetalsperre

Beginners mountainbike tour with ascent to Steinberg and a loop around the scenic Granetalsperre near Goslar

MTB Hahnenklee GPS Route
⬌ 88 km ▲ 2414 hm

Big Schalke-Bocksberg route

Demanding mountainbike tour starting in Hahnenklee, crossing Oberharzer mountain valleys and the mountain peaks of Schalke and Bocksberg

Hueberg Mountainbike Tour Bad Harzburg
⬌ 26 km ▲ 546 hm

Huneberg route

Easy mountainbike tour starting in Bad Harzburg and beautiful views of the dark green mountain slopes of the Brocken

Hahnenklee Mountainbike Tour GPS
⬌ 50 km ▲ 994 hm

Brocken-view route from Hahnenklee

Moderate mountainbike tour from Hahnenklee via the city of Goslar towards Hochharz and back through the beautiful Oberharz

Mountainbike tours in the southern Harz

Mountainbike Route Osterode Harz
⬌ 33 km ▲ 511 hm

Handwerkersruh MTB-route

Easy mountainbike tour on the southern edge of the Harz between mountains, hills and fields, starting in Osterode am Harz

Knollen Mountainbike Tour Harz GPS
⬌ 92 km ▲ 2378 hm

Big Knollen route

Demanding mountainbike route starting in Bad Sachsa through the southern Oberharz and via Ravensberg, Stöberhai and Grosser Knollen

Kaiserweg MTB Harz Bad Sachsa
⬌ 52 km ▲ 1267 hm

Kaiserweg MTB-route

Medium-difficulty mountainbike route over the Kaiserweg, the Stöberhai mountain and through the southern Oberharz starting in Bad Sachsa

Wildemann Bad Grund Mountainbike Harz
⬌ 49 km ▲ 1000 hm

Wildemann Vorharz route

A varied mountainbike route along forests and fields through the Harz foreland and back to the Oberharz, starting in Wildemann

Harz MTB GPS Tour
⬌ 47 km ▲ 936 hm

Deciduous forests and fields route

Diverse mountainbike route starting in Lautenthal through the Oberharz and the Harz foreland with fields and various forests

Mountainbike Bad Sachsa Harz GPS Route
⬌ 35 km ▲ 549 hm

Lärchenplatz lap

A varied mountainbike tour starting in Bad Sachsa along the Walkenried monastery, many lakes and through the southern Harz

Hexenstieg Mountainbike Route Osterode GPS
⬌ 45 km ▲ 956 hm

Impressions of the Hexenstieg

Mountainbike tour along the Harzer Hexenstieg starting in Osterode am Harz and showing many ponds of the UNESCO World Heritage Oberharzer Wasserregal

Lautenthal Oberharz Mountainbike
⬌ 98 km ▲ 2458 hm

Big Oberharz lap

Demanding mountainbike route with varied impressions of the Oberharz, starting in Lautenthal and sections in the Harz foreland

Guided mountainbike tours in the Harz Mountains

mountainbike harz nature activity outdoor
⬌ Multi-day event

Mountainbike weekend in the Harz

Spend several days on guided mountainbike tours in the Harz alone or with a group at fixed event dates

Trail tour multi-day tour adventure nature experience challenge
⬌ Multi-day tour

Trans-Harz MTB Trail Stage Tour

Experience the Harz on guided tours over several days on the best paths in stages with organized luggage transfer

MTB guiding safety fun experience expertise
⬌ Day tour

MTB guiding for Mountainbikers

Individually planned mountainbike tours on exciting paths and trails with experienced mountainbike guides from the Harz Mountains

mountainbike courses riding technique training learning improvement
⬌ Day course

Mountainbike Courses

Learn, improve and develop your MTB riding technique in riding technique courses with guided tours or in the bikepark

Company events team building corporate culture team spirit collaboration
⬌ Day event

MTB-Event for customers & employees

Invite customers or employees to an exclusive event consisting of extreme sports speeches and a guided mountainbike tour

Mountainbike rental in the Harz Mountains

mountainbikes forest Harz rental adventure e-bike
➤ Clausthal-Zellerfeld


Mountainbike rental located in the forest with a large selection of e-mountainbikes, touring mountainbikes and a small bike-shop

Bicycles mountain panorama Harz excursion diversity bike park
➤ Hahnenklee


Rental of downhill bikes, enduro bikes, e-mountainbikes, touring mountainbikes and downhill equipment at the Bikepark Hahnenklee

Employee explanation to customer bicycle resin landscape e-bike
➤ Ilsenburg

Bikes & Parts

Bike shop with the option to rent and test mountainbikes and e-mountainbikes for tours in Ilsenburg (eastern Harz)

Cycling Trail Harz Adventure Community Bike Park
➤ Hahnenklee

Bike Verleih

Private rental of e-mountainbikes from various manufacturers, as well as helmets and repair kits for the tour, based in Hahnenklee

mountainbike forest path Harz bike rental e-bike
➤ Sankt Andreasberg/ Braunlage

Sport Plaeschke

Mountainbike and ski rental at locations in St. Andreasberg and Braunlage, as well as sales of used mountainbikes

mountainbike Harz prices opening times bike park
➤ Braunlage

Bikeshop Braunlage

Rental, repair and sale of e-mountainbikes and e-trekking bikes located at the Wurmberg cable car in Braunlage

Bikeparks in the Harz Mountains

Bikepark Braunlage Harz Mountainbiken
▼ 390 m descent

Bikepark Braunlage

Large bikepark with long routes that are suitable for beginners with a bit of experience, but often contain rocks and roots

Msb X Trail Bikepark St Andreasberg Harz Downhill
▼ 124 m descent

MSB-X-Trail Bikepark Sankt Andreasberg

Great bikepark with routes that are highly recommended for beginners and routes that also challenge advanced riders

Bikepark Hahnenklee Harz MTB
▼ 162 m descent

Bikepark Hahnenklee

Bikepark with varied routes that are suitable and recommended for families, beginners and advanced riders

Racepark Bikepark Schulenberg Harz Mountainbike
▼ 145 m descent

Racepark Schulenberg (Bikepark)

Bikepark with a special atmosphere, as well as downhill routes that are tough and a real enrichment for experienced riders

Rostrappen Downhill Bikepark Thale Harz Trails
▼ 253 m descent

Rosstrappen-Downhill - Bikepark Thale

Well-maintained bikepark in the Eastern Harz for beginners and advanced riders with clear routes that can be easily combined

Ilsenburg Trailpark Harz Trails
▼ 310 m descent

Trailpark Harz (Ilsenburg)

Signposted natural trails for mountainbikers with the same features as bikepark trails, but without lift transport

Map Orientation Mountainbike Navigation Harz

Geographical location of the Harz region

The Harz is the northernmost low mountain range in Germany and is the first port of call for many northern Germans when a weekend trip to the mountains is planned. The approximately 2,200 square kilometer area (approx. 90 km × 30 km) is located between Hanover, Kassel and Leipzig at the intersection of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Like other low mountain ranges in Germany, the Harz consists predominantly of extensive forest areas and is characterized by deep valleys with rivers, reservoirs and waterfalls.

Mountains in northern Germany

Particularly in the Harz is a historic water management system called the Oberharzer Wasserregal (UNESCO World Heritage Site). The system of ponds and ditches extends across the entire Upper Harz, around which the areas of North Harz, South Harz, Hochharz and seven mining towns lie. The historic mining landscape offers a large number of varied trails and paths that are ideal for mountainbiking for beginners and advanced riders. To the east of the Hochharz lies the lower Eastern Harz, which takes up the largest part of the Harz in terms of area.

Weather Precipitation Temperature Climate Harz

Climatic conditions in the Harz region

Because there are no higher altitudes north of the Harz and the flat land means there are hardly any natural barriers to the weather, the Harz is often affected by cooler temperatures and greater rainfall , than other low mountain ranges in Germany. Depending on the exact location, the amount of precipitation and temperature also vary considerably within the region. The region around the Brocken is considered one of the wettest areas in Germany, whereas the areas on the edge of the Harz differ little from the rest of northern Germany in terms of climatic conditions.

Winters getting shorter and shorter

In recent years, the winters in the Harz have become shorter and shorter and it is now possible to mountainbike in the Harz almost all year round. Only in phases between December and March does so much snow fall that mountainbiking is not possible. In summer, temperatures in the Harz have risen so much on average in recent years that large parts of the forest are changing. The best time for mountainbiking in the Harz is between April and October. In the summer months, when the weather is good, you can see the church tower in Braunschweig from the Brocken.

Brocken Harz Mountain Summit Trail Mountainbike

Mountainbiking on the Brocken

The Hochharz forms the higher elevations of the Harz in the area around the Brocken (1,142 meters high). There are also other peaks here that are more than 800 meters high. These include the Wurmberg (971 meters high) near Braunlage, the Acker ridge (approx. 860 meters high) and the Achtermanns-Höhe (924 meters high). A large part of this area is part of the Harz National Park, which is particularly scenic, but unfortunately has a significantly smaller number of paths that are heavily frequented by hikers. Advanced mountainbikers will find a lot of fun on these often rather demanding paths, whereas the rest of the Harz is more recommended for most tours due to its much more varied network of paths.

Trails on the highest mountain in the north

There are no designated trails for mountainbikers directly at the summit of the Brocken: an asphalt road leads from Schierke to the summit from one side of the Brocken. This is also used by many hikers, horse-drawn carriages and racing cyclists. From the other side near Bad Harzburg with the Eckertalsperre there is a second long and steep climb straight up to the summit. The "Panzer Platten-Weg" is the former inner-German border between East and West Germany and consists of concrete slabs, each containing 28 holes. The first trails can only be found a few hundred meters below the summit.

Mountainbike path network routes tours Harz

Route network in the Harz

The Volksbank Arena Harz is a route network designed by Harz communities and municipal institutions. Around 2,200 kilometers of official routes with an altitude of around 59,000 meters were planned on 74 different circuits around 2004 on existing forestry and forest paths in the Harz. Some of the routes are signposted with small signs to make orientation easier for mountainbikers. Opposite a bike park, the routes are designed for touring mountainbikers and are therefore neither closed nor separated from other hiking trails.

Volksbank Arena Harz

In order to find the routes of the Volksbank Arena Harz, it is recommended to buy the official map set for mountainbikers, because the signs can quickly be overlooked when riding the tours or are not always clear and unambiguous. Most of the paths in the Volksbank Arena Harz run on wide forest roads, which means they are easy to navigate and you don't have to worry about broken trails. In general, there are very few path or trail closures in the Harz. It is allowed to ride a mountainbike almost everywhere.

Mountainbike Guide Local Harz
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Contact into the Harz

You can contact mountainbike guide and extreme athlete Fritz Geers from the Harz Mountains for all inquiries about offers, dates, media or partnerships. Fritz answers many inquiries himself when he is not on the road. The Tourism Information Center in the Harz will also be happy to help you if you have general questions about accommodation options, events or general travel planning.

Offers for mountainbikers

You can find a lot of information about mountainbiking in the Harz and related offers on this website. You are welcome to contact Fritz for a non-binding offer or book mountainbike guide friends directly online. You can find specific services on the pages linked below.