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Bikeparks and starting spots for Mountainbikers in the Harz

If you are looking for information about bike parks and good starting points for mountain bike tours in the Harz, then this page will be helpful for you. On this page you will find an overview of the bike parks in the Harz and a list of the best starting points for mountain bike tours in the Harz. You can also find further information for mountain bikers about the locations on the tour start locations pages and view tour suggestions with different difficulty levels. The information was compiled by extreme athlete Fritz Geers, who was born and raised in the Harz Mountains and has been at home for many years. You can book riding technique courses in the bike park, guided tours and multi-day tours with Fritz Geers or mountain biker friends. Further information can be found on the pages of this website.

Bikeparks in the Harz

A bikepark consists of several downhill routes specifically designed for mountain bikers. The routes often contain high jumps, steep curves or wooden elements and are specially designed for mountainbikes suitable for bikeparks. In most bike parks, the transfer up the mountain is done using a lift or a cable car. There are six bikeparks in the Harz.

Adventure Trails Steep Downhill Trails

Bikepark Braunlage

Large bikepark with long routes that are suitable for beginners with a bit of experience, but often contain rocks and roots:

390 vm downhill
13 min cable car
4 tracks
high prices
Adrenaline mountain biking nature experience jumps curves

MSB-X-Trail Sankt Andreasberg

Great bikepark with routes that are highly recommended for beginners and routes that also challenge advanced riders:

124 vm downhill
5 min chairlift
9 tracks
moderate prices
Flow trails obstacles speed driving technique challenges

Bikepark Hahnenklee

Bikepark with varied routes that are suitable and recommended for families, beginners and advanced riders:

162 vm downhill
9 min chairlift
8 tracks
high prices
Rocks passages roots stretches jumps single trails

Racepark Schulenberg

Bikepark with a special atmosphere, as well as downhill routes that are tough and are a real enrichment for experienced riders:

145 vm downhill
5 min drag lift
6 tracks
moderate prices
Experienced riders Beginner friendly cable car downhill

Bikepark Bodetal

Well-maintained bikepark in the eastern Harz for beginners and advanced riders with clear routes that can be easily combined:

253 vm downhill
11 min chairlift
5 tracks
moderate prices
Panoramic views Variety of routes Driving fun Nature trails

Trailpark Ilsenburg

Signposted natural trails for mountain bikers with the same features as bikepark trails, but without lift transport:

310 vm downhill
ascent without lift
4 tracks

Downhill in the Harz

The bikeparks in the Harz offer varied and demanding routes that challenge both beginners and advanced riders. The routes are characterized by their diverse trails with steep descents, rocky passages and numerous roots. To minimize risks, wearing protective equipment in the bikepark is recommended.

Trails Adventure Nature Views Forest
Path Landscape Summit Inclines Forest

Mountainbiking in Bad Harzburg

Bad Harzburg is the second largest city in the Goslar district on the northern edge of the Harz and is ideal for mountain bike tours with long climbs, beautiful trails in deciduous forests and wide views.

Summits Descents Paths Technique Speed
Riding fun Rocks Forests River Hiking trail

Mountainbiking in Goslar

Goslar, a UNESCO World Heritage town on the northwestern edge of the Harz Mountains, offers steep mountain slopes and deep valleys and is good for mountain bikers looking for tourist infrastructure.

Bike parks Ascents Challenges Freedom Landscape
Mountain bike Adventure Route Cycling View

Mountainbiking in Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Clausthal-Zellerfeld, the largest mountain town in the Upper Harz, is ideal for mountain bike tours with many varied paths and trails and offers a quiet environment with typical Harz restaurants and bike rental stations.

Forests Valleys Singletracks Harz Experience
Nature Singletrack Challenge Speed Panorama

Mountainbiking in Braunlage

Braunlage is located south of the Brocken, surrounded by the Harz National Park, and is a popular overnight spot for mountain bikers, but less recommended due to fewer paths and difficult trails. The bike park on the Wurmberg is nearby.

Rocks Curves Uphill Downhill Tours
Gravel Curves Descent Switchbacks Altitude meters

Mountainbiking in Torfhaus

Torfhaus, the highest settlement in Lower Saxony near the Brocken, is suitable for day tours with long climbs and descents, but offers few trails in the Harz National Park and is therefore less suitable for multi-day tours.

Inclines Panorama Forest paths Cycling Stones
Forest paths Ascent Summit Flow Biker

Mountainbiking in Hahnenklee

Hahnenklee, a district of Goslar on a high plateau in the Upper Harz, is highly recommended with a bike park, good hotels and ideal conditions for tours in all directions. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Upper Harz Water Shelf is nearby.

Roots View Downhill Fun Natural trails
Inclines Technique Challenge Landscape Freedom

Mountainbiking in Osterode

Osterode, located on the southwestern edge of the Upper Harz, offers good trails through deciduous and spruce forests, but long climbs, and is less attractive for a mountain bike holiday due to the lack of infrastructure.

Switchbacks Altitude meters Gravel Challenge Flow
Nature experience Rest stop Descent Trail View

Mountainbiking in Schulenberg

schulenberg is a small, quiet town west of Clausthal-Zellerfeld with a view of the Oker dam and a popular bike park in the downhill scene. The place is recommended for mountain bike vacationers who are looking for peace and quiet.

Rest stops Rest areas Bikers Outdoors Mountain scenery
Obstacles Forest Adventure Tours Downhill

Mountainbiking in Lautenthal

Lautenthal, a mountain town in the northwestern Upper Harz, is rich in mining history and offers a diverse network of trails with steep climbs and descents. The nearest bike park is in Hahnenklee, about seven kilometers away.

Uphill Adrenaline Sense of adventure Track Forest area
Stones Roots Singletrack Enjoyment View

Mountainbiking in Wildemann

Wildemann, a small mountain town in the deep Innerste Valley in the Upper Harz, offers varied trails and a large network of paths and is a suitable starting point for tours or a mountain bike holiday.

Elevation differences Riding technique Routes Experiences Panorama
Uphill Switchbacks Flow Challenge Forest area

Mountainbiking in Altenau

Altenau, a mountain town in the center of the Upper Harz, is close to the Hochharz and is a suitable starting point for tours in all directions, including the Brocken. The popularschulenberg bike park is nearby, and the landscape is characterized by forests and quarries.

Enjoyment Movement Nature experience Trails Freedom
Altitude meters Panorama Experience Route Riding fun

Mountainbiking in Bad Sachsa

Bad Sachsa is a small town on the southern edge of the Harz Mountains that offers long deciduous forest trails and good hotels for mountain bikers. The city is a popular alternative to Braunlage.

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