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Become a partner of extreme athlete Fritz Geers

If you are looking for unique ways to invest in the relationship between your company and its customers or employees, then Fritz Geers is the right place for you. Fritz Geers is a successful extreme athlete and offers your company the opportunity to present itself as a partner who invites employees and customers to exclusive events with the sponsored athlete. As an athlete sponsored by you, Fritz gives exciting lectures in your company or you invite your employees and customers to an exclusive event (consisting of lectures and a mountain bike tour) with Fritz. As a partner, you will also receive additional services that you can use for your corporate communication and will get to know other partners, support teams and Fritz projects at events exclusively for partners. You can contact us to receive further information or to arrange an appointment to meet Fritz in person.

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You can invite your employees, customers or colleagues to an event with Fritz. The event is intended to offer participants a sporting experience in a safe environment that gradually gets everyone involved and is not boring for anyone.

MTB & lecture

The event in the Harz Mountains consists of entertaining lectures, a mountain bike tour on varied paths and special places that tell of a centuries-long mining history.

Event Barn

The event starts in a renovated barn in front of Fritz's home, which is over 100 years old and was built by miners. You can find out more about the event on the linked page.

Race Across America Lecture
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In an exciting lecture in your company, Fritz shows tools that help make the right decisions in the team, solve problems and overcome dry spells. He takes the audience on a journey through his eventful life, talks about highs, lows and powerful feelings.


RAAM is the abbreviation for the Race Across America. Impressive photos and videos show how Fritz works his way through deserts, mountains and nights on his bike over days in this race in order to cross the entire country under his own power.


Based on his experiences from over 10 years of extreme sports, Fritz describes his approaches and methods for overcoming challenges. You can find out more about Fritz's lectures on the linked page.

Jersey Competition Clothing Thank You
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You can use the partnership with Fritz for your corporate communication by talking about the collaboration. You can cleverly place your logo on Fritz jersey, team clothing or support vehicles to be clearly visible in photos for social media and the press.


Draw attention to your support in your company building with a poster, banner or exclusive work of art with a Fritz jersey. During the race, Fritz's support team will provide regular updates on the race, which you can share on your social media channels.


As a partner, you have the opportunity to implement joint PR projects with Fritz. You can find out more about the regular reporting on Fritz projects in the press on the linked page.

Portrait extreme athlete Ultra athlete Fritz Geers
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At the age of 11, Fritz ran his first marathon. At 17 he cycled over 500 kilometers non-stop, then a thousand kilometers and at the age of 22 he rode 4,711 kilometers in one go. Ultracycling is about covering thousands of kilometers almost non-stop on a racing bike.


The most famous cycling race in the USA is also the most important cycling race in ultracycling. Fritz's goal is to become faster in this race: At the Race Across America he wants to improve his time of 10 days 21 hours and 09 minutes over the 5,000 kilometer distance.


Fritz is the youngest German finisher in race history at the Race Across America, European Ultracycling Champion 2018 and German Champion in 24H Solo Mountain Biking 2016. You can find out more about Fritz on the linked page.

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For further information, prices and documents, please use the options linked on the Contact page. In your request, please briefly state when you can best be reached.


If you wish, you will receive detailed information and prices as a PDF file in a timely manner or you can arrange an appointment with Fritz to get to know him personally. Of course, Fritz brings printed and bound documents, as well as other references, with him to this conversation.


You are welcome to discuss further ideas for joint projects within a collaboration with Fritz personally. A partnership is only possible with carefully selected companies.