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If you would like to find out which partners Fritz Geers works with in the long term, then this page will be helpful to you. The companies below receive various services from Fritz. These can be events and lectures for customers/employees, but also corporate communications services or those services that are too unusual to be listed here. In return, Fritz's partners provide financial resources that are used to make the extreme sports projects possible. Without such partnerships, many projects would not be possible - but without compensation, many partners would not exist either. In addition to sporting projects, the collaboration has resulted in other projects in recent years that are being implemented together. Many partners also have an emotional connection to the projects. Fritz sees it as a great privilege to be able to work with partners and greatly values the friendships and partnerships that have developed.

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The best way to get to know Fritz's partners is at partner events where the Fritz support team is also present. Here you have the opportunity to interact and become part of a group that is passionate about ultracycling, entrepreneurship and cycling.

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Fritz presents the contents of a partnership in his portfolio folder. This gives you the opportunity to get an overview of the consideration. You can contact Fritz to find out more.

Adam Wieland

Adam Wieland makes tables and furniture that last a lifetime (ultralong). The design of the E2 table is known to many thanks to its dismantled steel table frame. In creative professions and especially among architects, the table is widely used and widespread throughout Europe, the USA, the Far East and Australia. Fritz uses Adam Wieland's tables in offices where he prepares equipment for his projects. Adam Wieland has supported Fritz as a sponsor since 2022.

Peiker Cee

The Ceecoach works like a radio, only the voice quality is significantly better. Fritz's ultracycling team has been using the devices for communication in ultra cycling races since 2016. This means Fritz is always in touch with the vehicle crew without having to take his hands off the handlebars. The crew can mute themselves if necessary. The devices are small and light, compatible with many headsets and can also be used for many other applications. specializes in getting deliveries from A to B as quickly as possible. As with ultracycling, communication within the team, logistics planning, optimization of processes and covering large distances in the shortest possible time play a major role. The deep connection to ultracycling has already provided with many valuable insights. With the Race Across America 2023, Express24 is joining as a sponsor and supporter and will be featured prominently on Fritz's jersey.


The Gesundheit-Hof offers physiotherapeutic treatments and health training in the west of Hamburg. The team of physiotherapists, sports scientists and sports therapists supports you in taking your very individual path to greater health and well-being in order to achieve your personal goals. In the background (as in ultracycling) we are constantly working on improving processes, procedures and the team. A physiotherapist at the practice has been accompanying Fritz in ultracycling for years. Further synergies and a meaningful exchange of services make sense of a collaboration that will start in 2023.

Cognito Design & Engineering

Cognito is a design agency from Karlsruhe that develops products and their designs. Fritz's passion for ultracycling and basic knowledge through completed vocational training in product design have led to joint projects being implemented and a partnership emerging. Since 2022, Cognito has been supporting Fritz Geers to make projects like the Race Across America possible.

Klausis Autovermietung

The car rental company from the Harz region has been providing support vehicles for many ultra cycling races since 2016. The “Klausi’s” team specializes primarily in paintwork and body work. The employees take on many creative tasks in their craft and have painted several bicycle frames in a custom design since the partnership began.

Wöhlk Contactlinsen

Individual contact lenses from Wöhlk help Fritz see better when mountain biking, in ultra cycling races and in everyday life. Wöhlk has been a sponsor since 2023. By taking part in the Race Across America, Fritz wants to prove that it is possible to wear Wöhlk contact lenses for several days at a time, even under the changing conditions of dust, heat and night in the race. Fritz uses the CONTACT INDIVIDUAL SH TDS half-year lenses, which were selected together after a professional eye measurement and manufactured in Germany.

Heinemann Medizintechnik

Heinemann Medizintechnik is a company from northern Germany that specializes in the development and manufacture of high-quality medical devices and instruments. As a long-standing partner, the Fritz company supports large ultracycling projects such as the Race Across America.

Lupine Lighting Systems

As a Lupine athlete, Fritz has been using the high-end lamps and batteries from the German company from Upper Palatinate (Bavaria) since 2015 to get through long ultracycling nights and to be able to go skiing in the dark in winter. Lupine's technology and service continue to prove to be particularly reliable. The German championship title in 24-hour solo mountain biking in 2016 was also achieved using Lupine lamps.

Radiologie am Klubgarten

Medical problems can arise in ultra cycling races due to the enormous physical strain: The open MRI in Goslar am Harz gives appointments to private patients particularly quickly and it is therefore possible to take a picture of the inside of the body immediately after the ultra cycling race create. The recommendations in the network of Dr. Henning Borchert has been helping to solve the often complex medical problems surrounding ultra cycling since 2016.

VGH Versicherung Reinhold Hasse

Reinhold Hasse's insurance office in the Harz has been a partner of Fritz Geers since 2017. A tailor-made solution is the cornerstone of ensuring that the athlete does not have to worry about insurance when mountainbike guiding and ultra cycling. This is made possible by VGH Insurance's flexible products and the expertise of the personal contact on site.


Abus is a well-known manufacturer of security products with a wide range of high-quality bicycle helmets, bicycle locks and safety vests. Abus helmets are often equipped with features such as ventilation systems, adjustable fits, and integrated solutions such as a “glasses garage” for inserting bicycle glasses. They are regularly tested for safety standards. Fritz appreciates the mountainbike and racing bike helmets for their light weight, high level of comfort and good protection. When racing at night, Fritz's support team wears safety vests from Abus.


Schwalbe is a renowned bicycle tire manufacturer known for its high-quality products and innovative technologies. The brand offers a wide range of tires for different bike types and purposes, including road and mountainbike tires. These are characterized by their durability, reliability and outstanding performance, which Fritz values in training, on the mountainbike and in competition on the road.


Bioracer specializes in the development and production of sportswear for competitive sports. With a focus on innovation and advanced materials, Bioracer offers clothing solutions for various sports such as cycling, triathlon, running, skating or cross-country skiing. The products are characterized by innovative materials, aerodynamic cuts and individual designs. Fritz values contact with reliable contacts in order to be optimally supplied with individually designed competition clothing.


SRM is a leading manufacturer of power measurement devices for cycling. For decades, SRM has stood for the highest quality, precision and reliability in performance measurement. The power meters are used by professional athletes around the world and are considered the gold standard in the industry. With their innovative technology and accurate data feedback, the devices enable cyclists to measure and optimize watt values during training and thereby achieve goals.

Paulsen Bau

The construction company Paulsen Bau from Schleswig-Holstein mainly specializes in masonry, concrete, reinforced concrete, tiling and plastering work for private customers, architects, housing administrations and the public sector. The portfolio also includes the construction of turnkey properties such as single- or multi-family houses and the design of facades or competent advice on all aspects of house construction. The company has been acting as Fritz's sponsor since the end of 2022 and supports him in achieving his sporting goals through financial support.

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