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Mountainbike event for customers & employees

If you would like to invite your customers, employees or colleagues to a special sporting experience, then this exclusive mountain bike event in the Harz low mountain range is the right thing for you. At this event you will experience fun routes on a mountain bike in a safe environment and hear impressive lectures from extreme athlete Fritz Geers before and after the tour. Fritz welcomes you to his home in a renovated barn from the historic mining era. He talks about the team as the key to growth and development and in the multimedia lectures shows impressive images of one of the toughest cycling races in the world: At the Race Across America, he and his support team want a time of 10 days 21 hours and 09 minutes improve on the almost 5,000 kilometer long route. A stop with rustic Harz specialties, a shared dinner (optional) and lots of conversations round off the day. You can request further information, prices and documents to present this program by email.

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Mountain bike event

This mountain bike company event is about offering participants a sporting experience in a safe setting that gradually picks up everyone and is not boring for anyone. It consists of entertaining lectures, a mountain bike tour on varied paths and special places that tell of a centuries-long mining history.

Customers or employees

You can use the event to give yourself the opportunity to invite customers or employees to an event, talk to them and build mutual trust through shared to strengthen experiences. The event is specially designed for companies and cannot be booked by private individuals.


The renovated barn in front of Fritz's home is over 100 years old. In addition to contemporary furnishings, there is a seat for up to 20 people during the lectures between the old half-timbered structure. The event is optimally used to capacity with a group size of 10 to 15 people.


The town of Clausthal-Zellerfeld is located in southern Lower Saxony. Mountain bikers from all over northern Germany, Denmark and Berlin come to the Harz because of the diverse network of paths and kilometers of trails. Five large bike parks are spread around the area.

Mountain bike

You have the option of booking rental bikes for the tour or riding your own mountain bikes. Before the tour, the bikes are checked during a joint safety check and the functions of the rental bikes are explained. No MTB experience is required to participate.


The best time for mountain biking in the Harz is between April and October. Appointments are possible during this time any day of the week and on weekends. The events start at 9:30 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m. It is recommended to use a place to stop for refreshments on the tour - dinner together and an overnight stay nearby are optional.


Partners of Fritz Geers have the opportunity at the event to present themselves as sponsors of the extreme athlete from the Harz Mountains. You can read more about the advantages of a partnership with Fritz Geers on the linked page.

Known from:
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MTB company event

The mountain bike tour is professionally accompanied and adapted to the group's fitness along the way by adapting the paths.


  • Ultra athlete Fritz Geers
  • 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Stop at approx. 1:00 p.m.


  • Possible on weekdays and weekends
  • Availability on request
  • Season: April - October

MTB guiding

  • Course adapted along the way
  • Trails & paths with fun factor
  • Safety check & information


  • Focus on team & communication
  • In a historic event barn
  • Before and after the tour


  • Normal physical condition
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • No MTB experience necessary

Mountain bikes

  • Possible with your own mountain bikes
  • Rental bikes possible (on request)
  • Possible with motor support

Supporting program

  • Recommendation for dinner nearby
  • Recommended hotel nearby
  • Individualization on request


  • Program & prices as print
  • Program & prices as PDF
  • Inquire
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Brand experience

This event is designed for companies that want to use brand experiences for corporate communication. It's not an ordinary bike tour that you can book at every corner. At this event you will immerse yourself in different worlds such as extreme sports, mountain biking and mining in the Harz Mountains.

Extreme sports

In his lectures, Fritz talks about how he crossed the USA by bike in 10 days with the support of his team. He describes how he overcomes dry spells on the way to the goal, how the team makes decisions and what the years of preparation look like. With the help of the experience gained from over 10 years of extreme sports, he shows clearly how it is possible to achieve big goals.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is about having fun on narrow paths going downhill, forgetting about everyday life for a moment while rolling along and striking up a conversation while winding up wide forest roads. In many events, experienced and inexperienced participants ride in a group. With rental mountain bikes with motor support and enough short breaks in between, everyone can manage the tour easily.

Mining in the Harz Mountains

On this day you will encounter visible traces of days long past in many places. The barn in which the event starts, the ditch paths on which you experience the landscape and the many ponds along the route all date from the time when the Harz was still considered the most important mining region in Europe.

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We recommend a colorfully painted wooden house from the mining era as a place to stop and, if you wish, the program can be rounded off with dinner with Fritz and other Harz specialties. You can now familiarize yourself with an excerpt from the menu:

  • Bauernfrühstück
    with fried potatoes, onions and fried eggs, served in a pan
  • Fuhrmannsbrett
    various Harz cheeses, lard, onions, bread and pickles
  • Strammer Max
    Savory ham bread with fried eggs and pickles
  • Blaubeer-Pfannkuchen
    made from freshly prepared dough, with blueberry filling and dusted with powdered sugar
  • Köhlerpfanne
    Medallions of pork fillet on fried potatoes with vegetables and bacon
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Fritz Geers

During the tour you can not only learn a lot about the Harz from Fritz, but also ask questions about nutrition, driving technique or why.

Extreme athlete

At the age of 11, Fritz ran his first marathon. At 17 he cycled over 500 kilometers non-stop, then a thousand kilometers and at the age of 22 he rode 4,711 kilometers in one go. Now that Fritz is slowly approaching 30, he is pursuing the goal of becoming faster: At the Race Across America he wants to improve his time of 10 days 21 hours and 09 minutes over the 5,000 kilometer distance (He is the youngest German finisher in racing history ).

Mountain bike guide

Fritz completed several training courses and courses lasting several weeks to become an MTB guide in Germany, Italy and Great Britain. Since 2019, he has been offering guided mountain bike tours and multi-day tours in the Harz Mountains as a professional mountain bike guide in collaboration with other locals. Of course, you can rely on Fritz to warn the group about dangerous places, to help with tips and to be there if there are any problems with the bike that need to be solved.

Impulsive lectures

In his exciting lectures, Fritz shows tools that help make the right decisions in a team, solve problems and overcome dry spells. He takes you on a journey through his eventful life, talks about highs, lows and powerful feelings. Impressive photos and videos show how he works his way through deserts, mountains and nights on his bike to cross entire countries under his own power. Meanwhile, he describes his approaches and methods to overcome these challenges.

Mehr über Fritz erfahren:

Event Location Historic Barn
Barn/Renovation (as of April 2024)

Inquiry & Contact

For further information, pricing and documentation to present this program, please use the options linked on the Contact page. In your request, please mention dates and briefly describe what your ideas are.


We would be happy to send you detailed information and prices as a PDF file in a timely manner. If you need documents for a presentation, we will be happy to send you printed and bound documents by post.


You are welcome to discuss any questions and requests personally with Fritz. Please note that this offer is aimed exclusively at companies. We ask for your understanding that this event cannot be booked by private individuals.