Track Overview Little Hochharz mountainbike route

Little Hochharz mountainbike route

Moderate mountainbike tour through the Nationalpark Harz starting in Braunlage along beautiful paths at the Oberharzer Wasserregal: The tour starts with a long climb on easy paths in the scenic Nationalpark Harz. Here in the Hochharz you can find untouched nature and the colors of the forest create beautiful contrasts. The highest point of the route is the source of the Ecker river and has a small hut. From here you continue slightly downhill through the Nationalpark Harz until you reach Torfhaus. The next section will contain a short but demanding uphill section to a singletrail along the world heritage 'Oberharzer Wasserregal'. The tour then leads through a valley to the Rehberger Graben. The Rehberger Graben is also part of the Oberharzer Wasserregal and the path next to the canal makes it possible to go around the Rehberg mountain (893m high) without many meters of climbing. The route then leads along the beautiful Oderteich and with a view to deep mountain valleys back to Braunlage.

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Data about this mountainbike route

Elevation profile
Simplified elevation profile of the tour
43,0Kilometers in length
832Vertical metres
567mLowest point (above sea level)
903mHighest point (above sea level)

Start and parking

This is a good address to start the tour. There is a larger parking lot nearby. Clicking on the address takes you directly to Google Maps to start navigation there:


The tour can be downloaded as a .gpx file and transferred to a GPS-enabled device (e.g. Garmin or smartphone). The tour starts near a larger parking lot. The route is planned so that it can be traveled all year round and in all weathers. Nevertheless, it can happen that due to occasional forestry work in the forest, paths are temporarily closed or have to be pushed in parts.