Track Overview To Torfhaus and back

To Torfhaus and back

Mountainbike route from Clausthal-Zellerfeld to the Hochharz and back via various paths at the UNESCO World Heritage Oberharzer Wasserregal: The tour starts with easy forest tracks through the dark green spruce forests of the Oberharz to the water reservoir Okertalsperre near Altenau. From here it goes uphill on a moderate ascent through a valley into the Hochharz. Once in the Nationalpark Harz, the route continues uphill to the small settlement of Torfhaus. Here is the opportunity to stop in a restaurant and having a beautiful view of the Brocken. After a short descent, there is a short uphill on a demanding trail that leads to a scenic path along a canal of the UNESCO World Heritage 'Oberharzer Wasserregal'. The highest point of the route is reached here. The track continue through untouched nature towards Sonnenberg and then through a valley to the Acker mountain. From here the route leads downhill and then with a great panorama on narrow paths along canals of the 'Oberharzer Wasserregal' back to Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

oker okertal okertalsperre lake view
torfhaus brocken view mountain bike
peat house national park center harz
brook kellwasser finkental shadow break
clausthal old railway line mountain bike
clausthal aula university mountain bike tour
clausthal hirschler ponds mountain bike tour
dammhaus sperbehaier dam mountain bike tour world heritage
ditch upper Harz water shelf sun cap
hammerstein cliffs trail mountain bike
harz forests view ifenkopf mtb tour
hemmstelle schulenberg clausthal
Morgenbrods dig tour view mountain bike resin panorama
Morgenbrodshuette with mountain bike

Data about this mountainbike route

Elevation profile
Simplified elevation profile of the tour
50,0Kilometers in length
927Vertical metres
421mLowest point (above sea level)
830mHighest point (above sea level)

Start and parking

This is a good address to start the tour. There is a larger parking lot nearby. Clicking on the address takes you directly to Google Maps to start navigation there:


The tour can be downloaded as a .gpx file and transferred to a GPS-enabled device (e.g. Garmin or smartphone). The tour starts near a larger parking lot. The route is planned so that it can be traveled all year round and in all weathers. Nevertheless, it can happen that due to occasional forestry work in the forest, paths are temporarily closed or have to be pushed in parts.