Harz Mountainbike routes from Goslar
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Mountainbiking in Goslar

Goslar is one of the largest towns around the Harz and lies in front of the northwestern foothills of the Harz. The old town of Goslar, as well as the former mine Rammelsberg, are among to the UNESCO World Heritage. The landscape north of Goslar consists of hilly land. To the south you can find steep mountain slopes of the Harz border with coniferous and deciduous forests, which are well suited for mountainbiking. Several deeply cutted valleys such as the Okertal or the Gosetal lead up to the Oberharz peaks of Schalke and Bocksberg. Three dams (Innerste-Talsperre, Grane-Talsperre dam and Oker-Talsperre) are also near to Goslar and shape the landscape. Goslar is a good choice for mountainbikers who are looking for a well tourist infrastructure and have no problem with a long climb after the start of a tour.

Granetalsperre Goslar Fahrrad Tour
Profil Around the Granetalsperre

Around the Granetalsperre (26 km/ 448 hm)

Beginners mountainbike tour with ascent to Steinberg and a loop around the scenic Granetalsperre near Goslar

Altarklippen MTB Tour Kaiserstadt Goslar
Profil Altarklippen route

Altarklippen route (38 km/ 696 hm)

Easy mountainbike route with views to the old town of Goslar and the nearby Altarklippe on a mountain near Goslar

Goslar Harz Uphill Bike Fun
Profil Goslar uphill fun

Goslar uphill fun (64 km/ 1428 hm)

Medium-difficulty mountainbike route from Goslar into the Oberharz, through the Innerstetal and along dams back to the city of Goslar