Torfhaus mountainbike rock tour harz
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Mountainbiking in Torfhaus

Torfhaus is the highest settlement in Lower Saxony and consists mainly of parking lots, a holiday village, ski huts and restaurants. The settlement in the immediate vicinity of the Brocken is framed by the Nationalpark Harz. The environment is characterized by wide views, untouched nature and many hikers. Recommendation for mountainbikers ist, to ride up the Brocken from Torfhaus or start in the direction of Bad Harzburg or Oberharz. Here you will find long, varied trails, water-reservoirs such as the Oker-Talsperre or the Ecker-Talsperre and also long climbs that require a lot of stamina. Some trails in the area are closed for mountainbikers and the network of trails in the Nationalpark Harz is very small. Due to the limited possibilities, Torfhaus is therefore more recommended for mountainbike day tours in the Hochharz than for a multi-day mountainbike holiday in the Harz.

GPS Harz Mountainbiking Route Torfhaus
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